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Number 1 Best WordPress Hosting

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A frequently-asked query:

I'm looking for the overall best host for WordPress. I'm switching over from Blogger. I have my own domain name already and would like a host that is compatible with WordPress, offers affordable packages with options for unlimited space. Also, I want something that is user friendly. I write my own html so it must be flexible. Any recommendations? I was considering GoDaddy but I don't know much about it.


#1 Cheapest Web Host

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A best domain host question:

Which is the best host available on the internet which is cheap also? I tried KTHost ( )which offered web hosting services at Rs350/year, I tried their .in domain which started off at Rs199/- Now I have my package going to expire, is there any cheaper host than this or should I continue with them. Though I really didnt have any problem with them in this one year, they have good customer support team.


Where to buy and host my domain?

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I want to open a new website. There won't be much stuff on it so I don't need an 'mega' server. So what's the best website to buy a domain name and host a website?

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UK customers prefer UK web hosting

UK web hosting means…
> Faster page load speeds
> Boost in UK search results pages
> 100% UK support
> Products tailored for UK tastes

Heart Internet Web hosting is a UK-based hosting company that caters hosting service for their clients.

Their web hosting package are ideal for sites of all sizes, thus whether your are creating your website,searching for powerful and flexible web hosting without limits, or advanced ecommerce hosting, you can count in Heart Internet.



Heart Internet Virtual Private Servers



What to Do to Get the Best Hosting Provider

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I want to host my domain names and I have tried many service providers like godaddy, Host gator and bluehost. But their performance is not that much good. Can anyone tell me which is the best service provider and domain name registration and hosting?


I need to purchase a domain but want the best possible domain provider?

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A frequently-asked query:

I am basing my choice on these details...

-Unlimited GB's of Space
-Unlimited GB's of Transfer
-Unlimited Domain Hosting
-Unlimited E-Mail Accounts
-Unlimited MySQL Databases
-Needs to have the ability to host php, html, and pretty much all languages used to write web content
-needs a fair control panel
-worth the $$$

This seems like a lot but it is what a good web hosting site should have in my opinion.
If you have a good hosting site in mind, please share as I want to use a good hosting site, unlike the ones I have used in the past.


What is the best website to create an online store if you already own a domain?

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I already bought my domain through So far I 've checked out Blue Host and they seem to give alot of service at a cheap price. For those of you that already have an online store which would you say would be the best to create the online store and why. Serious answers only please. 10 points to the best answer. Thanks everyone.


A Developer’s Advise in Getting the Best Domain Registration Sites

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I have signed up for a free web host and it says that I can transfer a domain name if I buy one. What are the cheapest cost for a domain and a transfer. It needs to be less that ten dollars a year. What are some scams I should look out for.


What is the best free internet host for simple personal web pages?

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I'd like to get a web page to promote my business, but I don't want to pay for a separate domain. I'm leaning towards Geocities or maybe freewebs, but I would like more input. The most important qualities are:
~easy to remember address
~attractive, practical format options
~limited advertising and pop-ups
Any new site suggestions are welcome!


I want to purchase a domain. Which is best hosting provider. Features wise and Price wise?

Answer| Answer:
Having a domain can be done in many ways. One way is to register to Godaddy. And another one is to find a web host which have free domain in their package. You can save more on the last option.
justhost|best domain hostOne web host that offers free domain in their package is Justhost. If you are building your first website and needs a hosting service, we highly recommend you go with Justhost. You should also read this Justhost review to see what we mean. Justhost gives free domain name, unlimited bandwidth, more-than-enough storage, multiple add-on domains, friendly Sitebuilder, cPanel, Fantastico and much more for so cheap. You can subscribe with Justhost for only $4.45/month(via coupon below).At Justhost, you can use Fantastico to autoinstall applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB, ZenCart and many more.

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