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What is the best way to create a domain for free?

A frequently-asked query:

I am trying to create my own website (domain) and I am trying to find the best way to do this for free. I do not want it to be on a host website like, I would like it to be more like And if there is not a service that does this for free, could you please tell me the best or cheapest one for this? Thanks.


What is the best domain hosting site?

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I'm trying to host a microsoft exchange server with a brilliant domain! I have all my domains at, but they charge 20 bucks per year for one domain! AND IT TAKES A WEEK FOR A SUPPORT QUESTION TO BE ANSWERED! The only reason I stick with them is because its my friend's father's site. I'm thinking on switching to, but I want a cheap one and with no hassles. I don't know if godaddy is ok, but I need your help. Maybe something lower than 10 bucks? Yeah, crazy right? I dont know if its possible.


HostGator Launches Unlimited Shared Windows Hosting

hostgator unlimited shared hostingHostgator as the #1 Windows Hosting Provider is offering a new amazing options in their lineup of web hosting services featuring the Unlimited Shared Windows Hosting!

What is Unlimited Shared Windows Hosting
HostGator’s Windows Web Hosting offers the power and flexibility of Parallels Plesk Panel, IIS (Internet Information Services), Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, and a wide variety of other hosting features such as ASP and ASP.Net for a low price which starts at starting at only $4.76/month.


What’s the best web host for a personal/business website?

Query on best domain host: Looking to create my own website and domain. What's the best web host to go with?


What would the best Canadian web domain be for a small business?

Query on best domain host: We are starting up a website for our office, and I was wondering what the best host would be for that website.


What's the best cheap domain+web hosting to get?

Query on best domain host: I don't know if the info that I live in the Philippines would help.
Also the site would be for personal use.

I'm getting a ".es" domain.


Whats the best free domain hosting site?

Query on best domain host: I want one that's like www . mysitename . hostingsitename . com (or whatever). but i want one that's hosting site name is fairly short.

*I want a free one because i'm not sure if i really want it so im kind of testing this out.


What’s the best site to make and host a domain through pay by cash?

Query on Best Domain Host: I want to get myself a cheap domain registration and domain hosting. The problem is I want to pay by cash and I don't know any domain hosting sites that will let you pay by cash.
Do you guy know any sites where I could make a domain and host it for about a month with like at least 3 GB of space that I could pay by cash?


Whut is the best domain hosting site?

Query on best domain host: Specifaclly for a clan/gaming site.

i want to be able to make my own template.


I want to host multiple domains and subdomains. What is the best hosting company to go with?

Query on best domain host: I'm not necessarily looking for dedicated hosting, either. Shared would probably be fine. I'm just wanting to see what most people are using.