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OK I am ready to buy a domain. I need help here????

A frequently-asked query:

I have a sub domain, but now I am ready to move up to a domain.

I need help with just a few things that I think someone with experience really could help me out here.

I want the most affordable website, and dont we all. I am not looking to spend a ton of money on an informational website. I might put an advertisement on there or two so keep that in mind.

I need it to be a website where I can use as much text as possible. I have a ton of information to enter.

So can someone help me here, what is the best domain host with a good webpage builder in the package? I see yahoo has one in the small business section, does that have any specific limits as far as how many characters/text you can display?

Any help is greatly appreciated!


What is the best web host for a site with a message board?

A frequently-asked query:

I have an idea for a new website (small business) and want to buy the domain name. It is critical that it has capabilities to have a message board feature. What are your suggestions.


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Things to Look For in a Best Low Cost Domain Host

Query on best domain host:

I am starting my own small business and I am wanting to create my own domain or website for the company. Who offers the best all around pages.
Things I consider: Price, professional looking page, Ease of use, and getting traffic.
anyone who has great luck with a host let me know. I know of Godaddy, Yahoo, Intuit, and a few more.


What is the best web hosting domain company for starting a business website?

Query on best domain host: I am starting up a small business and would like to find the best web hosting service with domain name to store my site.
I have created web sites using iWeb before and it would be helpful if there were templates that I can use to help me design my pages as I am not a web designer.
I was looking into hostgator, but I'm not sure if they allow you your own .com domain. I like their 0 Google Adwords credit for signing up.


Getting the Best Hosting Provider and Domain Registrar to Publish my Site

FAQ|Best Domain Host

Query on best domain host: I need to set up a website, no high level coding, but economic, reliable and easy to set up. I don't have much experience with this at all. I 'm considering some like Justhost, Inmotion , Yahoo & Godaddy. I need the lowest price, small business hosting plan. Which do you recommend?


What to Do to Get the Best Hosting with Free Domain

FAQ|best domain host Query:

I want to create a portfolio slash small business website; for posting my work and also offering my services for web design, graphic design, etc! Can you recommend the best web host if possible with free domain name?


How to Build Website Easily and How to Find Cheap Web Host

Query on best domain host: I have a small business and I'm planning to put it online. I am trying to find the best (affordable) website where I can pay to design the site and get year round web hosting. I have already purchased a domain name from