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I am looking for a decent and free web host. I am new to web design but I am in the process of creating a small website to display some of the photos I have taken over the years. I will pay for a domain name and host when the site is done but I was hoping to find something free so I can get some things online and just test the site live for a bit before making a larger financial commitment.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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I am looking to create a website that I can use for experimenting with code, and later for coding tutorials or maybe even a forum. I need a service like but I am just trying to find the cheapest one with the best service and possibly one that will help you put the html or php together because I need to focus on Java right now not those two languages. If something like that doesn't exist I'm thinking of maybe one where you can have multiple accounts because I have friends who are great with web design.
Also, what would be a good domain name for the type of website I'm building?


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I want to create a portfolio slash small business website; for posting my work and also offering my services for web design, graphic design, etc! Can you recommend the best web host if possible with free domain name?